Anonymous Credentials Meeting

Anonymous Credentials Meeting 2021.

Location: Online. Co-located with PETS2021

Date: July 17th, 2021.

Time: Early afternoon CEST time: from 14.30 onwards (12.30 UTC).

Welcome to the informal meeting around Anonymous Credentials!

The topic is, of course, Anonymous Credentials, a construction that tries to solve the problem of needing to propagate trust signals while protecting anonymity.

These informal meetings started in 2021 at RWC2021. The purpose of these meetings is to bring together people that are either working on anonymous credentials, implementing them or interested on them. We aim to discuss the new advances on this topic, to generate new avenues of collaboration, and to create a community.

On this second iteration of the meeting we aim to cover topics as: new applications, implementation concerns (key rotations, storage mechanisms), dealing with double-spending, and post-quantum.

Organizers: Sofía Celi (Cloudflare) & Steven Valdez (Google).

Modality: Completely online.

The event will be entirely virtual.

We will use Zoom for the meetings and Zulip/Zoom for socializing.

This isn’t a place for people to be exclusionary. We’ll use the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy, and follow all the guidelines and policies of PETS2021.

The schedule will follow this format (all times are displayed in UTC):

12.30 - 12.40 Welcome and Introduction to the Meeting
12.40 - 14.00 Invited talks around:
  • 'VOPRFs and Post-Quantum Cryptography' by Alex Davidson
  • New applications of anonymous credentials:
    • 'Private contact tracing and anonymous tickets' by Tjerand Silde
  • 'Adding public metadata to OPRFs' by Nirvan Tyagi
  • Tokenzoo: the website for anynomous credentials by Sofía Celi
14.00 - Socializing


How to Register

Registration is free; but you must be aware of the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy.

We require that every participant represent themselves by the name that they use for their professional work (this can be a pseudonym that they generally use for their professional work). No participant can impersonate another person.

On the Internet, signing up is cheap. Showing up is hard. Check your calendar to make sure you're free, and block off the dates: commit to participating before you sign up. Do not sign up until you've blocked out the dates in your calendar.

Nevertheless, we understand that things can change. If you have signed up but won't be participating, let us know.

Registration form

Note that you have to provide a valid email address at registration, as subsequent communications regarding the event will be sent to that address.

There are two ways of registering:

  • By using the google form
  • By sending an email to anonymouscredentials (at) riseup (dot) net, with the following information (* means mandatory):
    • Last Name*,
    • First Name*,
    • email address *,
    • affiliation/institution*,
    • The typed statement: 'I confirm that I understand the SNAPL Friendly Environment Policy to be used at the event' *.

Paper that we will talk about